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When You're Feeling Helpless...


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Sometimes it hits-that feeling of helplessness that you just can't seem to shake. It's not that you're a good human or a bad human. It's not that you're slacking, although that may be worth evaluating. It's that you're human and some things are too heavy for us to carry at any given time.

So, just throw in the towel? Nah, not you. Here's a few things that you can put into practice:

  1. When you're feeling helpless, help someone else. This is one you'll have to dig deep for, but it's incredibly rewarding, good for your character and such a timely blessing to others. No need to be an overachiever here either-call a friend, make someone dinner, write a letter to a parent that's out of state, spend 15 minutes on social just encouraging people and watch what happens.

  2. Evaluate what this could be an opportunity for. Is there something greater for you to step into? Is there a more effective strategy that you haven't considered? Is there an unhealthy relationship pattern for you to face and release? Sometimes just thinking about what we're thinking about brings solutions.

  3. Turn up your faithfulness. When we're going so quickly through life, we miss a lot. This often includes the practices that help us feel centered and present in all we do. How can you tune in and create space for yourself? Is it getting out in nature and listening to worship music, is it brain dumping in a journal, a gratitude list or visualizing a promise you're ready to receive in your life. It's amazing what even 15 minutes of stillness will do!

Try these on for size. I bet you'll feel better!

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