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Are You Ready to Rule and Reign?
Check Out My Bestselling Books on Spirituality, Personal Growth and Radical Life Change.

Reclaiming Your Spiritual Authority

In God's Vibes Matter, author Juliana Page shows how to have a heart fully surrendered to the transformative power of God’s Spirit. Juliana shares lessons about the everyday miracles that illuminate God’s Spirit, and she shows how these lessons, along with insightful journal prompts, will inspire Spirit seekers to look deeper into their own stories, empowering them to prosper through Spirit-led living.


Godly living demands spiritual maturity - eliminating the static from your heart and obeying the voice of God. But how do we overcome our erratic feelings and save our valuable energy? How do we avoid the readily available, senseless, and harmful desires that so cleverly snare us into destruction? Thankfully, we have a fighting chance if we run after the faith we somehow wandered away from.


Co-Laboring with God

Have you ever had the gnawing feeling that you weren’t getting everything out of life that you were created to?


In God’s Vibes Matter: Co-laboring with God, author Juliana Page shows how to identify when we are living a life apart from God - a life in which he is not consistently present in our thoughts and words. Thankfully, God wired our thoughts and words to have power so we’d be equipped to overcome every obstacle. However, without consistent exposure to the ultimate power source - our light source -our hearts are not hooked up to the provision they need.


Juliana Page shows how only God can convict and move in our spirits so we experience a change in our hearts that causes us to believe and do supernatural things.  She shows how no amount of self-help or encouragement can produce what the Holy Spirit alone can.


“Experiencing the power of God living through you will radically transform you, how you view and experience life and the legacy you leave.”

God's Vibes Matter
Reclaiming Your Authority
Co-Laborig with God

God’s Vibes Matter Devotional


Sometimes God infiltrates our cozy Christianity with His unconventional methods so that we can emerge better for it. When you make a bold decision to set your mind to believe in God’s love for you, you will let go of the life of heaviness and defeat and pursue your divine destiny full of victory, security, and success. No matter where you are at or what challenges you face, God is a precise God with perfect timing. Just like you would find encouragement and a renewed perspective from a coach, invite Jesus to an intimate chat with you. Meet with God with an expectant heart and allow God’s Word to refresh and reshape your thinking, speaking and decision making.


This 30-day daily devotional is an invitation and a challenge that will change your life! In the devotional, Juliana Page invites believers on a 30-day journey of divine encounters.  Juliana provides a prayer framework for followers of Christ to reshape their thinking and delight in the inspiration, hope, and encouragement of encountering God's presence.

God's Vibes Matter Devotional

Stepping into Royalty

What God has planned for your future, you can’t accomplish on your own. Perhaps you know there’s something you should be doing, but you just can’t pinpoint it. You want to make a big impact with your life, but you struggle with questions like:

  • What did God have in mind when he created me?

  • Are there keys to unlock my destiny?

  • How do I build spirit-driven success?


In Stepping into Royalty, author Juliana Page relies on careful exploration of scripture, using powerful stories to help you think differently about your calling and why it’s important to God.

She tells how life offers more when destiny is your focus; stepping into royalty means stepping into the role you were created to play in life. Your divine purpose maneuvers you past challenges, pains, and shortcuts and even what appears to be failure.


Whether you’re just starting out, starting over, or wondering if there is greater success than what you’ve already accomplished, now is the time to step into the frequency of faith. Stepping into Royalty empowers you to take a stand for who you are, what you carry, and the legacy you co-create. It helps you to wake up to new levels of fulfillment and fall in love with yourself and your life.


Stepping into Royalty

Rule & Reign


Most people have never been trained to be powerful enough to love in the face of mistakes, pain and fear. Throughout this manual, you’ll discover how to:

• Increase your awareness of Holy Spirit’s Presence and experience His closeness in new ways
• Apply biblical principles to your life and gain a clear sense of purpose and destiny
• Master your soul and live in moment-by-moment intimacy with Jesus
• Activate kingdom influence and actualize your potential
• Take your position and encounter the transforming power of God
• Be a catalyst and release the atmosphere of Heaven into your spheres of influence
• Access the resources of Heaven and defy the odds
• Cultivate radical faith and experience new levels of God’s glory

Filled with practical guidance, stories, activations and journal prompts, Rule & Reign equips and empowers you to explore your emotions, your intentions, your choices and your intuition and to use them to create profound spiritual growth.

Rule & Reign
Declaration Deck of Affirmation Cards

Prophetic Declaration Deck:

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Bestselling author, life coach and speaker Juliana Page

About Juliana

Juliana Page is a bestselling author, master certified life coach and minister of God's vibes.  Juliana has researched and immersed herself in the professional life coaching, ministry, leadership, success conditioning and personal development fields.  From her obsession to determine what makes the difference in people's quality of life, she helps people understand their model of the world, how to change their story to change their lives, how to steward their impact and how to discover lasting fulfillment through contributing to the world in ways far beyond themselves.

Page serves as a leadership and self-mastery strategist for organizations, companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals.  Through her proven Spirit-Driven Success Method and The God's Vibes Mastermind, Page delivers practical wisdom and tools that empower purpose, spiritual wholeness, sustainable health, financial freedom and relational fulfillment.

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