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Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

See why Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker Juliana Page is the Perfect Choice to Speak at Your Next Event

Juliana Page is a sought-after motivational and leadership speaker trusted by companies and organizations to deliver messages that inspire teams and individuals to better communicate the value of their company, their products and their individuality through introspective questions, self-mastery, and creative service.

Resilience coach, self-mastery expert and speaker Juliana Page

Spirit-Driven Success: How to Build Spirit-Driven Success Level-Up: Cultivating an Abnormally Exceptional Life Integrity Momentum: What to Do When Life Happens

Signature Talks

All talks are available for customization applied directly to the following topics or themes: leadership, innovation, teamwork, performance improvement, time management, productivity, relationships, or work life balance

5 Reasons to Book Juliana as Your Next Leadership Speaker

Leadership speaker, ministry leader, life coach Juliana Page


Your audience will be challenged. Juliana provides fresh original concepts that they have never heard before that they can immediately apply to their daily life. She will present eloquent and precise ideas that are rooted in deep data-driven expertise and knowledgeable actual experience that will expand the thinking and competence of your audience.




Your audience will be motivated. Juliana introduces principles and frameworks that are truly useful. She will create a distinct energy that your audience has never experienced before and she will begin conversations that far outlast her time at your event. They will walk out of the room ready to do the hard work that is necessary to succeed.




Your audience will be captivated. Juliana has a unique and endearing style that incorporates compelling stories with insightful content. Plus, she is (surprisingly) witty and delightful. Juliana crushes it on stage.





Your audience will be refreshed. Juliana is a connoisseur of ideas who will bring you ten thousand concepts distilled down only to what is most relevant for you. She will spend time learning about your organization beforehand and will incorporate elements that show how she was a hand selected part of your team. Plus she and is experienced, drama-free and super easy to work with.




Your audience will be activated. Juliana has a distinct ability to call people to action. She will leave them feeling renewed and energized to go out and execute on what needs to be done. You will hear people executing on and talking about her principles long after she is gone.

Juliana only accepts 15 invitations to speak each year, extend an invite here.

Professional Bio

Juliana Page is a master life and leadership coach and consultant. She has worked in several industries including corporate, nonprofit and network marketing.  With a Masters in Film Production, a Bachelors in Journalism and Economics Management and Professional Life Coaching and Ministry certifications, Juliana resources and equips organizations, entrepreneurs and influencers to evolve.  Juliana offers a carefully curated set of practical wisdom and tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being, and financial freedom. Through her books, unique coaching methods, and programs, she has helped countless people connect with and heal their souls, transform their bodies, empower their minds, create purpose-driven impact, and fall in love with themselves and their lives.

High-performance coach, speaker and trainer Juliana Page
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