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Ready to Be an Example of What’s Possible?

not All Vibes Matter, but God's Certainly Do!

Develop the Character of God in You.
Upgrade Your Vision to His Vision.
Increase Your Kingdom Impact and Be an Example of What’s Possible.

You're here for 1 of 2 reasons:


You find yourself thinking that all the self-help, personal development, hustle, and grind isn’t making you whole and free and it’s not sustainable. 

Aligning with God and letting Him do the heavy lifting is the answer.


You want to surrender to God and build a relationship with God, but you have no idea where to start or how to be led by Him.

Courage Co. will help you!

Here's my story...

Courage Co. Expert Training

I knew there was so much MORE for my life.

After 6 cross country moves, 7 jobs, a hidden addiction, the loss of a dream and a devastating heartbreak…I found God.


I bought a Bible, started reading it and set my mind and heart to pursue God.   I was delivered from the addiction, completely transformed, and activated into a vision that was greater than I’d ever had for myself.  I started ministering in recovery and the prophetic, wrote 5 books and relaunched my life coaching business to do it the way God had in mind.


My relationship with God was the key to unlocking my book of destiny.

God's Vibes Mastermind Modules:
4 keys to SHIFT into God’s Vibes:

1. Invest in your RELATIONSHIP

If you don’t personally experience God’s goodness, you will not believe in the good things He has planned for you, or that you can be led by Him.

When you spend time in God’s Word, hear God’s voice and connect it to your life, business, and relationships, you’ll shift from fear to faith.

In Module One: Reclaim Your Spiritual Authority you learn about cultivating intimacy with God and activate personal transformation.You’ll gain confidence in hearing and responding boldly to His voice and align with His unique plans for every area of your life.

2. Activate Your IDENTITY

You can’t steward well what you’ve been given and walk in excellence if you have no idea WHO you are. It would be like a movie starting without a main character.


In Module Two: Stepping into Royalty you are given tools to combat lies over your identity.  Imagine waking up with a brand-new name and identity and knowing exactly how to show up in the world.  That’s what we cover—here cultivating all that is uniquely YOU from God’s point of view.

3. Increase Your Creative CAPACITY

If you don’t start building a track record with God, how will you know whether you’re being led by Him?


In Module Three: Co-Laboring with God, you’ll learn how to align with God’s plans and purposes for the assignments He’s given you.  You’ll be given keys to increase your risk tolerance, aka your faith, and cooperate with God’s infinite power and rhythms of grace.  You’ll also be given strategic prayers for breakthrough.

4. Expand Your Influence

When you’re activated in WHO you are, WHOSE you are, and WHAT you’ve been given, you walk different, talk different and act different—supernatural different.  When you taste and see this, you can’t help but want to share it with others.  The Kingdom lens rarely looks the world’s way.


In Module Four: Rule & Reign, you’ll receive a blueprint for staying positioned for extraordinary results and an eternal return on investment that is not only a blessing to you but to those who are in your sphere of influence.  You’ll build Spirit-driven success by keeping God’s agenda first through Holy Spirit-Led empowerment for your daily operations.  You’ll experience the “multiplier effect” that happens through community and accountability.

You don’t need another self-help book, personal development program, or to spend years to create a level of success He can download and reveal to you.


Whatever you turn over to His capable hands, you will see His hands in. There are tools, Biblical principles, Kingdom strategies and a community to come alongside you on your journey.


This is what you’ll find in:


Courage Co. and the God's Vibes Mastermind.

God is the Master Coach in helping you human better.

Here’s what You’ll get

Here's What Some of My Clients Have Been Saying:

Johanna, Florida

I’m going to start that I love the hashtag #godvibesmatter

Juliana’s spiritual influence and content has impacted me a lot. Her passion for helping others brings joy to my heart. She coaches/mentor me not only on staying active but also to help others. Her energy is something that l love!

Moving to a new place, trying to adapt to a new market, workplace, pandemic came, etc but listening to her spiritual wisdom eases my days.


Before this course, I knew that the life I was living did not align with my inner vision, mission and purpose. I released fears that have been holding me back for so long. It has helped to transform me on a deeper level than I could have imagined. If you are ready to step into the best version of yourself and realign with your purpose, you are meant to take this course!"

Courage Co. Community

Are you ready to be an example of what’s possible?

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