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Integrity Momentum: What to Do When Life Happens

When life hits, it hits, HARD.  Transition, loss, dynamic work environments, moves, disappointment, you name it, they’re tricky to navigate and can send even the most stable person into future-tripping and expectation hangovers.  What if there were keys that could be your anchor through these seasons? You’ve got the experiential education, now get ready to learn five keys to thrive, not just survive when life happens.



YOU're Covered. My mission is to EMPOWER audiences to manage real-life situations by arming them with the tools to make lasting changes. I love working with women, sales teams, direct selling organizations, entrepreneurs, and leaders.


You can customize any session below.  Whether you’re looking for a 1-hour keynote, a 3-day workshop/retreat or a breakout session, I’ve got you covered! ​


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Spirit-Driven Success: How to build Spirit-Driven Success

If you're in the right place on the inside and you're in the right place on the outside, good things are about to happen in your life!  How you lead yourself and how you influence others are difficult to do well if you're out of alignment.  From identity clarity and cultivating a kingdom mindset to mission-driven messaging and spiritual influencing, this keynote will deliver five methods to discover your greatness and serve with greater impact.

Level up

Level-Up: Cultivating an Abnormally Exceptional Life

You can talk some real talk, but until you walk the real walk (publicly and privately) you won’t see change. “#Level-up” isn’t just a cute hashtag, but a loaded word backed with massive action that inevitably will deliver RESULTS.  Learn how to excuse-proof your life, establish your “dailies” (secret sauce of power habits) and cultivate an abnormally exceptional life, one moment at a time.


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