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Life Coaching with Juliana

Life coaching with Juliana Page focuses on addressing and improving who you are at your core so that you can make lasting change where you want it most. Juliana brings matchless energy and the real-talk from her books and workshops into these interactive program options where you can set the pace as you work towards the life you’re called to. From topics life self-mastery, setting healthy boundaries, honing your voice and shifting your mindset, you will find immense value in whichever option you choose.

The Life You Are Called To

Get Lasting Changes


The Breakdown

Whether you are just getting started with coaching, you're craving some self-paced strategic action with structure or you want it all, there is a program option for you. Juliana works 1:1 in both the Expert and Master coaching and her personal recommendation is Master coaching. This is a year-long commitment where you also get access to the 6-week self-mastery course You 2.0. View the Image below or click the REGISTER button to purchase and view full packages.


More About The Course


• 12 video sessions with creator Juliana Page
• 24 assignments in a digital format made easy for you to complete, share with your coach, and download if you like!
• 1 free private coaching call with Juliana
• 2 free Q&A calls a month
• And lots of hot tips, tools, and coaching cheat sheets!

YOU 2.0 Perks

• Design your life-- Come to terms with your terms.
• Meet your current advisory board: your head.
• Discover how to dream again & get into the right actions to realize them.
• Find out what has been messing you up & clean up your personal pollution.
• Resolve the things that haunt you.
• Learn to keep a promise to yourself.
• Discover your life/career/relationship dream’s problem (and solution).
• Learn Personal Integrity & resolve issues with grace.
• Change your personality.
• Cultivate the 7 ingredients of a powerful leader.
• Write your personal manifesto.
• Design your future & prove it.


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