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Author. Entrepreneur. Joy Dealer. Speaker.
Life + Biz strategist.
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Things Here. I believe freedom begins with radical responsibility. I'm obsessed with delivering GOLD—practical wisdom and spirit-filled real talk to not only activate your bold and brave life but help you activate excellent teams!

Meet Juliana


In God's Vibes Matter, author Juliana Page shows how to have a heart fully surrendered to the transformative power of God’s Spirit. Juliana shares lessons about the everyday miracles that illuminate God’s Spirit, and she shows how these lessons, along with insightful journal prompts, will inspire Spirit seekers to look deeper into their own stories, empowering them to prosper through Spirit-led living.

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If you are interested in one of my keynotes, workshops, OR have a big idea that you'd like to collaborate on, send me a note and let's talk. 

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