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You'll just have to raise yourself


Spirit-Filled Real Talk

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It can feel SO much easier when you're in it, just to assign blame...

I didn't get xy or z from my parents so...

I was never taught...

That wasn't handed to me...

Reality-you'll never get anywhere making allowances and excuses for your smallness. You'll repeat patterns, see more of the same and keep getting the same tests until you're ready to get radically responsible for you and your life no matter what you did or didn't get.

Tune in for some real talk in building your confidence and expressing it authentically.

7 Ways to check your authenticity:

  1. Address parental wounds-where do you need to raise and re-parent yourself?

  2. Ditch the bad vibes-you're not a garbage can so evaluate what you're full of

  3. Authenticity wins-sniff out any areas where you may still be hiding or playing small

  4. Let down the wall-you're confident, great! But, are you emotionally available?

  5. Check discomfort boxes-checking comfort boxes leads to exactly that--more comfort

  6. Speak up, hold on send and get comfortable with some rejection (listen for this one!)

  7. Own it-you're called there right? Act like it. Take up some space.

Your quality of life and purpose will demand all of you, not just the parts of you that you're okay with.

Who and where would you be if you decided to hold people up, to be there for their success and take no garbage from others? Practice it and see what happens!

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