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When you're pro-alignment, sometimes this means being intentional about unsubscribing from everything that pertains to hustle culture.

Things like "you can sleep when you die," "10x that," "imitate what this pro is doing and you'll be successful," "make ____ figures," "follow so-and-so's example." We hear and can be distracted by things like this every day.

It's counter-cultural to become the person that can sustain the results you're led to create in the world. This requires being still, challenging your thoughts, evaluating your moods and emotions, and being disciplined with your behavior. It also requires intentional time where you slow down to really do your inner work.

When you're aligned and clear, it's amazing how decisions, and next steps also become clear. What might happen if you unsubscribed from hustle culture? Who might you become? What might you discover and create? Things that make you go hmmmm...

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