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Compare And Despair


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Have you ever been caught up in a cycle or a pattern that you just can't seem to shake? I call this "compare and despair." Often, this is rooted in something deeper and it's also an opportunity to reflect on and remember who we are. Our identity shouldn't be shifty, but it can be when we live focused on the external at the detriment of our souls. So I am curious, do you know who you are?


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Ready to Apply What you Heard? Set a timer and take 10 minutes and work through some of these questions:

Do You Know You?

Think of the people that know you the most; what do you show them? What do they know about you?

Do you understand you 50/50 balance between the positives and negatives in life? What’s the part of you that shows up that’s not perfectly together? Some call this our shadow side. What parts of you do you reject or hide? You can’t fully embrace yourself if you won’t see you.

Do you know what you love most and desire and are you willing to honor that? Can you honor these things even when it may upset others?

Do you know how to address your authentic self? Does the food you eat, the places you go, the way you live, the job you show up for or work you do in the world represent you? Are you showing up as you?

What does it mean to show up for you? How does that feel?

You know who you are deep down who you are and if you remove some layers, you’ll find what’s true. Are you acting in someone else’s movie? Tell yourself the truth and changes will come from the organic process of the truth unfolding. You decide who you want to be in this world.

What messages are you reinforcing about yourself? Where is your opportunity to grow? How can you fully embrace and embody the gift that is your life?

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