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What about default?

When life gets bananas, we can fall into default mode just to make it through.

Sometimes though, we can become comfortable and acclimated with default mode so much so that we lives our lives that way long-term. We don't take risks, we escape with TV or some sort of numbing activity, we're casual about things that once were priorities and we loose our vibrance.

Centering techniques are a great way to take back your life and disrupt your default.

They're also really simple to start integrating into your life. The question is, will you?

Having a set of centering techniques or tools that you can access when you need to, helps you feel prepared not matter what you are facing. Here are some examples:

Tune In Techniques-

These are to help you literally get in tune with what is going on in your soul. What has been on your mind? What emotions have you been experiencing consistently? What's been on your heart? We don't always have answers to these questions which then makes it more difficult to communicate and articulate our needs and wants.

Tuning In could look like:

Journaling-dump everything that's on your mind without a filter

Active Visualization-Fill in prompt questions like, "If I believed things are always working for my good, how would that change things for me right now?" Close your eyes and visualize for 10-15 minutes best case scenarios and get clarity on what it is that you actually want right now.

Deep Breathing-This is helpful just to get in tune with your own body and create a sense of calm.

Tune Out Techniques-

These tend to require more assertiveness and diligence to implement but are often extremely effective. The world can seem to get loud and when that happens we don't hear guidance and wisdom. To counter this, we intentionally turn down the noise that we can so we can hear what we need and what we're missing.

Tuning Out could look like:

Monitoring social media time to a certain time of the day or a certain time limit per day. It could also be implementing "no social media" days in your phone to normalize not needing to be on technology at all times.

This could be a challenge like 30 days without TV or not listening to the radio while in the car.

This could be getting out in nature and connecting to a new rhythm.

This could be scheduling a mini-staycation or retreat (1-2 days even) where the goals is to be kind to yourself, catch up on sleep, take care of your body, and tune out the nose that you're accustomed to hearing.

Which do you crave right now? Explore ways to implement these things into your day-to-day and examine how you feel.


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