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It's a hard ask, to ask someone to love your neighbor as yourself, when you don't know yourself and you don't love yourself. Then try asking this person to love God, what do you think that will look like?

What's most important to your existence is that you know you're fully loved. As you know that you're fully loved, you'll understand love more and more. The good news is--relationship with God isn't dependent on how much we love God, but on how much He loves us. He did whatever was necessary to get to you and you can only know what you're truly passionate about by what you're willing to sacrifice for.

For Him it was everything so that you could be set free to be who you were created to be. Insanity is searching for love and running from God. Ready to shift that today?

New Episode FULLY LOVED just dropped over on the Spirit-Filled Real Talk podcast--this one is POWERFUL! Go listen, subscribe and share!

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