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Holding Yourself Accountable


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Relationships are dynamic. They are the best mirrors of our wounds, walls and worthiness. They are vehicles or our greatest pain and purpose. So how do we find freedom in them and steward them well? A short answer is to hold yourself accountable to meeting your needs and wants first.

Here are a some keys to evaluate:

  1. Communication-Do you know how to define healthy communication for you? Do you know your love language? Are you able to clearly articulate your wants and needs? Do you have tools that you've learned to be a better communicator?

  2. Boundaries-Do you establish boundaries as the need presents itself or do you let discomfort built up and then blow up? What boundaries do you need financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally to feel safe and secure?

  3. Connection-How do you connect best with others? What do you like doing for fun? Are you able to flex your style to to connect the ways others connect best?

Honor what you know is best for you. Pain often comes from abandonment, self-rejection and promises we break with ourself. Choose to be kind to yourself, accept where you are and become more conscious about what you're sowing into yourself and others.

Tune in for a few strategies to experiment with.

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