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How to Endure in Relationships


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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Want to know some good news?

Truth for our lives--our relationships, health, finances, career, needs--it's always available in the Word. Often, in order to apply this truth, we must endure. When we go through difficult things with patience, we reap much fruit.

Here are some keys to endure in relationships:

  1. Your relationship needs a mission. Is your relationship about making you happy or holy? Are you actively stewarding your relationship with a mission-mindset?

  2. Know your roles. From a kingdom perspective, we are designed to play to our strengths. Have conversations about your relationship vision and delegating responsibilites.

  3. What you do speaks louder than what you say. No one can change someone else--that's God's job. The way God changes is through love, not control or forcing an agenda. What you project, others will reflect. Do you have the self-control to let your example do the talking?

  4. Pay attention to the inside. Acquiring things and looking good are not bad, but caring more about those than your soul can be. Don't buy into what the world says beauty is. Tend to your soul.

  5. Disrespect is destructive. Are you giving something worth respecting? Honor and respect are keys to creating a healthy relationship environment. When we dishonor not only do we hinder our prayer but also whether or not God is able to communicate with us. What are you teaching others about honor and respect?

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