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I Can't Stop Controlling Things!


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There is logically knowing that we need to do feel and process our emotions (literally the energy or vibration we’re experiencing in our bodies and sending out into the world) and then actually doing it when our body is in fight or flight mode and experiencing an emotion that our brain believes is going to kill us. Been there?

Some of you may not have training in this particular area of feeling your feelings and processing your emotions, but feeling work is essential to being a whole human and an impactful one.

Here’s why:

When we don’t feel our feelings, they end up taking over our experiences, work, relationships and life. We spend a lot of time trying to cover up emotions and doing things to distract from them.

This is called BUFFERING.

—>Taking a certain pill can shut down the monkey-mind, temporarily…

—>Netflix and chips can distract from a business meeting gone bad, but not the expanding waistline

—>Hustling and overworking helps us avoid and run from insufficiency, but never solves the actual problem

—>Yelling at a loved one allows us to deflect the frustration we feel about not being further along and not having belief in ourselves, but can destroy intimacy

When we avoid these feelings, and we don’t acknowledge them, we buffer over them and we don’t allow ourselves to get uncomfortable enough to make change.

When we’re excellent escape artists, we end up creating more results that we DON’T want and block ourselves from creating what we DO want.

Living life to the fullest and creating what we do want in our lives requires feeling. Our feelings drive every single action we take.

The biggest LIE around processing emotions:


No, you don’t have time NOT to. There’s nothing sexy about projecting pain or passing down trauma as a legacy.

It can feel unsafe if you’re new to the work, but the freedom and wholeness you step into is a powerful way to lead yourself and others into authentic living. You CAN feel the hard feelings and still show up.

—>Create a space to process

-->Work with a therapist or a coach

-->Schedule time to slow down and be kind to yourself

—>Remember that YOU are more important than your $ or business goals

Stop running and master yourself and your influence today!

Dive into the YOU 2.0 Self-Mastery Course under "Courses!"


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