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Ehhh...when in the history of needing someone to change did it actually work? Anyone? This is actually a setup for trouble.

When we're so busy fixating on what others need to do in order for us to feel some kind of way or to take action, what are we doing? Practically speaking, there are some shifts we can make to turn this all around and get back to a place of courage and empowerment.

Ready for it?


In other words, the confusion goes away when the resistance goes away.

As you become more deliberate in what you’re thinking about and you focus on things you can appreciate, clarity comes on what to do.

I was presented this scenario:

“I would like to buy a house and financially my partner is not in that position so I don’t feel like he’s my financial equal. I get caught up in thinking that I’m settling. I’m not proud of these thoughts but this is what I think. I think I should have a partner that I can have a dream with which would be to buy a home.”

“What I’m hearing is, as you hold this vision and look at your partner, they don’t match, so he may not be the one.”

I then challenged a different perspective, one that is rooted in empowerment. This person left our time together laughing, uplifted and empowered to make courageous decisions about her future.

Your dream is not contingent on anyone else. It’s contingent upon your alignment with it.

With or without another, you have the ability to reach your goals. When you believe this, you can release the resistance and take radical ownership of your life and future.

When you look to someone else to fill in the missing pieces of your life, you hold yourself back and give away your power. You may also be stepping into control and manipulation with that person.

When you are so self-empowered that you drop the lies and excises because you know that God is for you and working with you, that you cannot not succeed, and that you’re setup for success, other things are non-issues.

Then you can make partnership decisions on things that really matter—are you easy to love, do I love you, are you kind, are you clear-minded, do you have a zest for life, do you smile and laugh easily, does loving come easily to you…

When you discover alignment with God, you don’t need others to be what only He can.

We are where we are, but we do have a choice whether we complain or expect good things, about whether we worry about the future or look forward to it, whether we beat up on ourselves or others or praise them.

When we stay connected to the vine and make more aligned choices, life flows, it gets better and better. You’re always being guided and supported. Enjoy the ride.

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