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Our Scars tell a story


Spirit-Filled Real Talk

With Juliana

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The first photo we take never is the one that we post, right!? There's actually a reason for that. Often in our need for significance, we live in stress, worry and hiding. Ultimately we know that we can't be perfect, and the good news is, perfect isn't an option. What if instead of hiding we could more fully embrace a sense of purpose and step into more freedom? We need you to share your stories!

It's through our scars that we understand the character of God and can share Him with the world.

  1. Behind every scar is a story

  2. Scars shape us but they don't define us

  3. Scars shift our focus back to God

Grace is what fills our gaps. People need your courage. People need to hear your story, see your scars and they need to know through your testimony that God is real. Will you stop hiding?


Instagram: @msjulianapage

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