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Problems Need Energy to live


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Truth-problems need energy to live. In other words, the focus and the meaning we assign to a problem greatly affects our experience of it and the outcome.

Problems are growth opportunities. This may sound annoying at first, also depending on where you are in the problem-solving process, but it's also true.

From investing lots of money in trainers and coaches and often as I coach clients I've found these simple steps to be effective in shifting into the right mindset:

  1. Decide. We really can't execute well when our physiology is all over the place. 75% of how we approach something is psychology and 25% is action so it's vital to think about what we're thinking about and be intentional about the energy we put into motion.

  2. Get Certain. Often when we're facing problems, we play out all of the worst case scenarios, dip into victim mode and beat ourselves up. Not effective. What we can do instead is flood ourselves with certainty.

  3. Take action. When we decide on something, usually the next step appears. We only need one to get moving.

You can grow. You can spend 90% of your energy on solutions rather than problems. You can decide the quality of your life.

You get to decide.

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