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Radical Acceptance


Spirit-Filled Real Talk

With Juliana

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Fake it until you make it. Have you heard or even embraced that before? I believe this is a fundamentally flawed piece of advice. There's nothing good about being programmed out of your authenticity. It's really just delaying the inevitable; you can't hold up the facade forever.

Being honest about where you are today is the only way to get to the destination you’re after. You've got to be real so you can actually move on. If you’re not honest it will cost you too much. You can’t heal if you don’t reveal.

What if greatness were actually fulfilling what you’ve been called to do? We’re wired for it.

What would happen if you embraced these perspectives:

1. All you have is all you need; work what's in your hand.

2.Progress over perfection. How did you progress today?

3. There’s a love that’s not like man’s love that can transform everything. Do you know it?


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