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Rejoice in your hard place


Spirit-Filled Real Talk

With Juliana

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Sometimes we end up in hard places because of our own doing and other times just because of life.  We were never promised a pain-free life, but at times those moments of, "this is not what I ever dreamed or imagined," can feel so heavy and uncertain.  A key point to consider in any hard place is, "what am I aware of?"  

Often we resist trusting God just because we feel like we can't track with Him and find ourselves hyper-focusing on what we can't control.  How can you rejoice in your hard place?

Here are 3 Keys that you'll learn about in Episode 31 of the Spirit-Filled Real Talk Podcast:

  1. Make Your Problem a Pillar Not a Stumbling Block

  2. Pour Oil Onto the Problem

  3. Turn Your Problem into Praise

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