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setting boundaries with ease & Confidence


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If we only saw boundaries modeled better!! Am I right!?

Boundaries for many seem difficult and challenging. Often this is for a few reasons:

  1. We never learned them. We only learned unhealthy attachment styles and what boundaries don't look like.

  2. We feel like we don't deserve them. Sometimes our self-worth has been taken to such a low place that we actually believe our needs don't matter.

  3. We're too focused on prioritizing other's needs over our own.

Whatever the reasons, boundaries are GOOOD! They help us make space for the things we actually want. So how do we create them?

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Want a sneak peak? Here are 5 ways to create boundaries:

  1. Give yourself permission to really tune into what you need

  2. Remind yourself that you're worthy of expressing your needs

  3. Remind yourself that you wish to be close to people in your life that respect and honor your boundaries.

  4. Express boundaries and needs firmly, kindly and clearly.

  5. Send yourself compassion and gratitude for being brave enough to speak and stand in your truth no matter the outcome.

You've got this!!

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