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Staying Up in Down Times


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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

You CAN stay up in down times, but it will require some self-reflection and willpower!

Here are a few ways I've found helpful to stay up when you'd have every reason not to:

1. Manage your circle of influence.  Who is speaking into your spirit?  What energy are you bringing into your world?

2. Analyze your problems for potential solutions--it will boost your hopefulness.  There's a way out of every problem when you think about it.

3. Develop a plan based on every possible scenario.  Think about how God has consistently brought you through.  Thinking through each scenario, even negative will bring perspective and will  give you the confidence to face whatever happens.

4. Invest your energy into helping others Don't be a full-time taker.

5. Educate your mind in the area you're experiencing a challenge in. You don't always need to be rescued, you can be resourceful.

6. Prayer transfers positive energy.  When you engage God, He makes you invincible

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