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The Gift of ROck Bottom


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You know you’re a coach, therapist or you’ve diligently been after your inner healing for a minute when you can fully acknowledge that, yes, rock bottom is a gift.

When we hit “rock bottom” or the bottom of the level we’re currently on, (yes, we’ll have many bottoms and peel back many layers on the growth journey) essentially our masks, roles, patterns, means of control, and ego don’t work anymore and we can’t keep all that up. That’s the gift.

We don’t have a to stay in pain and suffering, we can grow.

Somethings gotta’ give and it’s an opportunity for us to enter a portal of new awakening and higher consciousness. If we don’t, we pass on pain, powerless patterns and cause more harm then good to ourselves and others. We can repress pain, but that never gets rid of it.

When we choose to embrace rock bottom, we also get to choose the path to sovereignty where we take radical responsibility for our healing and thus shift from being disempowered to empowered.

We can’t go at this alone or in own own strength and understanding, so it’s important to have Holy Spirit and a coach or a therapist actively involved on the journey.

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