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Where are the safe places?


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Have you found yourself asking this question? As the world seemingly gets darker and more toxic, where do you go to decompress, to think about what you're thinking about or to process what you're bombarded with on a daily basis?

It's difficult enough to be authentic and practice vulnerability and radical self love at times like these, and now not knowing where to go on top of it! Well, I propose that the only true foundation for human security, stability and happiness is the place where God impacts a person from the inside out. When we go within we start to discover the quality life we deserve.

So, ready to learn a few ways to drain tension and drama out of your life and create more space for stability and calm?

Tune in and see:

  1. Never Compare Yourself. Society is set up to diminish our self perspective and without a healthy self perspective we can't live up to our full potential. Measure your standard against God's truth. You'll likely find that prosperity transcends money.

  2. Don't Complain. Our words literally create worlds. Why would we use our imagination and life force to create what we don't want??

  3. Don't Compete. Rock your uniqueness. Compete with the best version of yourself that God has revealed to you. You'll have less time to be jealousy and intimidated and more time to celebrate others on the journey.

Now, the power is in the training. Don't just read them, practice them and you'll find that you have become a safe place.

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